Roller Pin/Chain pin with custom size

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The conveying chain is the same as the transmission chain. The precision conveying chain is also composed of a series of bearings, which are fixed by the chain plate with restraint, and the positional relationship between each other is very accurate. Each bearing consists of a pin and a sleeve on which the rollers of the chain rotate. Both the pin and the sleeve undergo surface hardening treatment, which allows hinged joints under higher pressure, and can withstand the load pressure transmitted by the rollers and the impact during engagement. Conveyor chains of various strengths have a series of different chain pitches: the chain pitch depends on the strength requirements of the sprocket teeth and the rigidity requirements of the chain plate and the general chain. If necessary, it can be strengthened. The sleeve can exceed the rated chain pitch, but there must be a gap in the gear teeth to remove the sleeve. Roller-chain-pin 配件   photobank
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