1602 infra red burner for production line

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The products are mainly used in curing the coating, pretreatment drying, food baking lines, textile printing and dyeing pre-bake, baking carpet glue, condoms and medical disposable gloves and other manufacturing lines. Boutique series gas infrared burner porous ceramic plate as the combustion medium. The use of advanced science and technology design made. When the combustion gas sufficiently premixed with the air, so that the combustion gas, thereby reducing pollution; combustion infrared radiation it has a strong penetrating power, the heat can uniformly penetrate into the core to be heated to ensure uniform heating effect, improve heating quality and drying efficiency, environmentally friendly energy-efficient products. Work characteristics: Safety: The 2.8 kPa low pressure natural ejector way premixed, more secure and reliable. Efficient: Imported ceramic plate heat storage capacity, wide adjustment range, good radiation effects; its surface temperature may be in the range of 475 to 950 degrees Celsius adjusted to better carry out the coating operations. Energy Saving: 1.63KW monolithic ceramic plate heating power, 0.12kg / hr monolithic ceramic plate ultra liquefied gas consumption. Environmental protection: the entire system COX, NOx emissions below international standards related industries (in the standard system configuration and use of environment). Wide range of applications: the option of using natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and other gas. Accurate control: drive, actuators and butterfly valves, furnace temperature throughout the system, PLC or OPTO22 central control module for precise control of the combustion. Heat intensity (power density): 135 kilowatts / square meter Applicable gas pressure: 2.8 kPa (premixed natural state), or 1.0 to 1.5 kPa (artificial premixed state) Inlet pressure during artificial premix: 2.5 to 3.0 kPa Pipe diameter: depending on the specific circumstances Gas adjustment: flow regulator (actuator plus valve or loop tube) or pressure regulator (regulator) Ignition: electronic pulse ignition, or ceramic heater ignited Control: temperature control table thermocouple + + simple electronic push-button control; or PLC control. download 配件 photobank
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